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Table of contents
People     At the airport     to need – to want to
Family Members     Public transportation     to like something
Getting to know others     En route     to want something
At school     In the taxi     to have to do something / must
Countries and Languages     Car breakdown     to be allowed to
Reading and writing     Asking for directions     asking for something
Numbers     Where is ... ?     giving reasons 1
The time     City tour     giving reasons 2
Days of the week     At the zoo     giving reasons 3
Yesterday – today – tomorrow     Going out in the evening     Adjectives 1
Months     At the cinema     Adjectives 2
Beverages     In the discotheque     Adjectives 3
Activities     Preparing a trip     Past tense 1
Colors     Vacation activities     Past tense 2
Fruits and food     Sports     Past tense 3
Seasons and Weather     In the swimming pool     Past tense 4
Around the house     Running errands     Questions – Past tense 1
House cleaning     In the department store     Questions – Past tense 2
In the kitchen     Shops     Past tense of modal verbs 1
Small Talk 1     Shopping     Past tense of modal verbs 2
Small Talk 2     Working     Imperative 1
Small Talk 3     Feelings     Imperative 2
Learning foreign languages     At the doctor     Subordinate clauses: that 1
Appointment     Parts of the body     Subordinate clauses: that 2
In the city     At the post office     Subordinate clauses: if
In nature     At the bank     Conjunctions 1
In the hotel – Arrival     Ordinal numbers     Conjunctions 2
In the hotel – Complaints     Asking questions 1     Conjunctions 3
At the restaurant 1     Asking questions 2     Conjunctions 4
At the restaurant 2     Negation 1     Double connectors
At the restaurant 3     Negation 2     Genitive
At the restaurant 4     Possessive pronouns 1     Adverbs
At the train station     Possessive pronouns 2    
On the train     big – small    

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