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37 [thirty-seven]

En route


37 [τριάντα επτά]

Καθ’ οδόν


He drives a motorbike.
Πάει με τη μηχανή.
Páei me ti michaní.
He rides a bicycle.
Πάει με το ποδήλατο.
Páei me to podílato.
He walks.
Πάει με τα πόδια.
Páei me ta pódia.
He goes by ship.
Πάει με το πλοίο.
Páei me to ploío.
He goes by boat.
Πάει με την βάρκα.
Páei me tin várka.
He swims.
Πάει κολυμπώντας.
Páei kolympóntas.
Is it dangerous here?
Είναι επικίνδυνα εδώ;
Eínai epikíndyna edó?
Is it dangerous to hitchhike alone?
Είναι επικίνδυνο να κάνεις ωτοστόπ μόνος;
Eínai epikíndyno na káneis otostóp mónos?
Is it dangerous to go for a walk at night?
Είναι επικίνδυνο να πηγαίνεις για περίπατο τη νύχτα;
Eínai epikíndyno na pigaíneis gia perípato ti nýchta?
We got lost.
Έχουμε χαθεί.
Échoume chatheí.
We’re on the wrong road.
Είμαστε σε λάθος δρόμο.
Eímaste se láthos drómo.
We must turn around.
Πρέπει να γυρίσουμε πίσω.
Prépei na gyrísoume píso.
Where can one park here?
Πού μπορεί κανείς να παρκάρει εδώ;
Poú boreí kaneís na parkárei edó?
Is there a parking lot here?
Υπάρχει εδώ χώρος στάθμευσης / πάρκινγκ;
Ypárchei edó chóros státhmefsis / párkin'nk?
How long can one park here?
Για πόσο μπορεί κανείς να παρκάρει εδώ;
Gia póso boreí kaneís na parkárei edó?
Do you ski?
Κάνετε σκι;
Kánete ski?
Do you take the ski lift to the top?
Ανεβαίνετε με το τελεφερίκ;
Anevaínete me to teleferík?
Can one rent skis here?
Μπορεί κανείς να δανειστεί εδώ εξοπλισμό για σκι;
Boreí kaneís na daneisteí edó exoplismó gia ski?

Talking to yourself

When someone is talking to himself, it's odd to listeners. And yet almost everyone talks to themselves on a regular basis. Psychologists estimate that more than 95 percent of adults do it. Children almost always talk to themselves when playing. So it is completely normal to have conversations with yourself. This is just a special form of communication. And there are many advantages in talking to yourself every now and then! This is because we organize our thoughts through speech. Our inner voice emerges when we talk to ourselves. You might also say it's thinking out loud. Scatterbrained people in particular talk quite often to themselves. In their case, a certain area of the brain is less active. Therefore, they are less organized. With self-talks they are helping themselves be more methodical. Self-talks can also help us make decisions. And they are a very good way to relieve stress. Self-talks promote concentration and make you more productive. Because saying something aloud takes longer than just thinking about it. We are more aware of our thoughts when speaking. We tackle difficult tests better when we talk to ourselves in the process. Various experiments have shown this. We can also give ourselves courage through self-talks. Many athletes hold self-talks to motivate themselves. Unfortunately, we typically talk to ourselves in negative situations. Therefore, we should always try to be positive. And we often have to review what we wish for. In this way we can positively influence our actions through speaking. But unfortunately, that only works when we stay realistic!

Guess the language!

______ is counted among the Eastern *****ce languages. It is the native language of about 30 million people. These people live primarily in ******* and Moldova. ______ is also the official language of the Republic of Moldova. There are also sizeable ______-speaking communities in Serbia and Ukraine, however. ______ originated from Latin. The *****s formerly maintained two provinces in the region surrounding the Danube. ______ is most closely related to Italian.

Therefore, ______s can understand Italians very well for the most part. The opposite is not always the case. This is due to the fact that ______ contains many Slavic words. The phonology was influenced by the neighboring Slavic linguistic area. As a result, the ______ alphabet has a few special symbols. ______ is written like it is spoken. And it still exhibits many similarities with the structure of ancient Latin … That is precisely what makes the discovery of this language so exciting!


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