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71 [seventy-one]

to want something


71 [тIокIищрэ пшIыкIузырэ]

Зыгорэм фэен


What do you want to do?
Сыд шъузыфаер?
Syd shuzyfaer?
Do you want to play football / soccer (am.)?
Футбол шъуешIэнэу шъуфая?
Futbol shueshIjenjeu shufaja?
Do you want to visit friends?
Шъуиныбджэгъухэр зэжъугъэлъэгъухэ шъушIоигъуа?
Shuinybdzhjeguhjer zjezhugjeljeguhje shushIoigua?
to want
фэен / шIоигъон
fjeen / shIoigon
I don’t want to arrive late.
КIасэу сыкъэкIожьы сшIоигъоп.
KIasjeu sykjekIozh'y sshIoigop.
I don’t want to go there.
Ащ сыкIонэу сыфаеп.
Ashh sykIonjeu syfaep.
I want to go home.
Унэм сыкIожьы сшIоигъу.
Unjem sykIozh'y sshIoigu.
I want to stay at home.
Унэм сыкъинэ сшIоигъу.
Unjem sykinje sshIoigu.
I want to be alone.
Сизакъоу сыкъанэ сшIоигъу.
Sizakou sykanje sshIoigu.
Do you want to stay here?
Мыщ укъанэ пшIоигъуа?
Myshh ukanje pshIoigua?
Do you want to eat here?
Мыщ ущышхэ пшIоигъуа?
Myshh ushhyshhje pshIoigua?
Do you want to sleep here?
Мыщ ущычъые пшIоигъуа?
Myshh ushhychye pshIoigua?
Do you want to leave tomorrow?
Неущ шъуежьэжьы шъушIоигъуа?
Neushh shuezh'jezh'y shushIoigua?
Do you want to stay till tomorrow?
Неущ нэсэ шъукъанэ шъушIоигъуа?
Neushh njesje shukanje shushIoigua?
Do you want to pay the bill only tomorrow?
Счётыр неущ къэптымэ пшIоигъуа?
Schjotyr neushh kjeptymje pshIoigua?
Do you want to go to the disco?
Дискотекэм шъукIонэу шъуфая?
Diskotekjem shukIonjeu shufaja?
Do you want to go to the cinema?
Кином шъукIонэу шъуфая?
Kinom shukIonjeu shufaja?
Do you want to go to a café?
Кафем шъукIонэу шъуфая?
Kafem shukIonjeu shufaja?

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