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40 [forty]

Asking for directions


40 [тIокIитIу]

Гъогум кIэупчIэн


Excuse me!
ЕмыкIу умышIы!
EmykIu umyshIy!
Can you help me?
IэпыIэгъу укъысфэхъун плъэкIыщта?
IjepyIjegu ukysfjehun pljekIyshhta?
Is there a good restaurant around here?
Ресторан дэгъу горэ мыщ дэта?
Restoran djegu gorje myshh djeta?
Take a left at the corner.
Къогъум дэжь сэмэгумкIэ гъазэ.
Kogum djezh' sjemjegumkIje gazje.
Then go straight for a while.
ЕтIанэ занкIэу тIэкIурэ шъукIу.
EtIanje zankIjeu tIjekIurje shukIu.
Then go right for a hundred metres / meters (am.).
ЕтIанэ джабгъумкIэ жъугъази метришъэ шъукIу.
EtIanje dzhabgumkIje zhugazi metrishje shukIu.
You can also take the bus.
Автобусым шъуитIысхьани шъулъэкIыщт.
Avtobusym shuitIysh'ani shuljekIyshht.
You can also take the tram.
Трамвайми шъуитIысхьани шъулъэкIыщт.
Tramvajmi shuitIysh'ani shuljekIyshht.
You can also follow me with your car.
Сауж шъуитэу машинэкIэ шъукъэкIони шъулъэкIыщт.
Sauzh shuitjeu mashinjekIje shukjekIoni shuljekIyshht.
How do I get to the football / soccer (am.) stadium?
Футбол зыщешIэхэрэ стадионым сыдэущтэу секIолIэн слъэкIыщт?
Futbol zyshheshIjehjerje stadionym sydjeushhtjeu sekIolIjen sljekIyshht?
Cross the bridge!
Лъэмыджым шъузэпырыкI!
Ljemydzhym shuzjepyrykI!
Go through the tunnel!
ТуннелымкIэ шъучIэкI!
TunnelymkIje shuchIjekI!
Drive until you reach the third traffic light.
Ящэнэрэ гъозэнэфым нэсэ шъукIу.
Jashhjenjerje gozjenjefym njesje shukIu.
Then turn into the first street on your right.
ЕтIанэ шъуиджабгъукIэ апэрэ гъэзэгъум шъурыкIу.
EtIanje shuidzhabgukIje apjerje gjezjegum shurykIu.
Then drive straight through the next intersection.
ЕтIанэ занкIэу гъогу зэхэкIым шъузэпырыкIи шъукIу.
EtIanje zankIjeu gogu zjehjekIym shuzjepyrykIi shukIu.
Excuse me, how do I get to the airport?
ЕмыкIу умышIы, сыдэущтэу аэропортым сынэсын слъэкIыщта?
EmykIu umyshIy, sydjeushhtjeu ajeroportym synjesyn sljekIyshhta?
It is best if you take the underground / subway (am.).
МетромкIэ укIомэ нахьышIу.
MetromkIje ukIomje nah'yshIu.
Simply get out at the last stop.
Аужырэ уцупIэм нэс.
Auzhyrje ucupIjem njes.

The language of animals

When we want to express ourselves, we use our speech. Animals have their own language as well. And they use it exactly like us humans. That is to say, they talk to each other in order to exchange information. Basically each animal species has a particular language. Even termites communicate with each other. When in danger, they slap their bodies on the ground. This is their way of warning each other. Other animal species whistle when they approach enemies. Bees speak with each other through dancing. Through this, they show other bees where there is something to eat. Whales make sounds that can be heard from 5,000 kilometers away. They communicate with each other through special songs. Elephants also give each other various acoustic signals. But humans cannot hear them. Most animal languages are very complicated. They consist of a combination of different signs. Acoustic, chemical and optical signals are used. Aside from that, animals use various gestures. By now, humans have learned the language of pets. They know when dogs are happy. And they can recognize when cats want to be left alone. However, dogs and cats speak very different languages. Many signals are even exact opposites. It was long believed that these two animals simply didn't like each other. But they just misunderstand each other. That leads to problems between dogs and cats. So even animals fight because of misunderstandings…


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