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28 [twenty-eight]

In the hotel – Complaints


28 [тIокIырэ ирэ]

ХьакIэщым – Тхьаусыхэ


The shower isn’t working.
Душым Iоф ышIэрэп.
Dushym Iof yshIjerjep.
There is no warm water.
Псы фабэ щыIэп.
Psy fabje shhyIjep.
Can you get it repaired?
Мыр бгъэцэкIэжьын плъэкIыщтба?
Myr bgjecjekIjezh'yn pljekIyshhtba?
There is no telephone in the room.
Унэм телефон итэп.
Unjem telefon itjep.
There is no TV in the room.
Унэм телевизор итэп.
Unjem televizor itjep.
The room has no balcony.
Унэм балкон иIэп.
Unjem balkon iIjep.
The room is too noisy.
Унэм щыбырысыр дэд.
Unjem shhybyrysyr djed.
The room is too small.
Унэр цIыкIу дэд.
Unjer cIykIu djed.
The room is too dark.
Унэр шIункIы дэд.
Unjer shIunkIy djed.
The heater isn’t working.
ГъэфэбапIэм Iоф ышIэрэп.
GjefjebapIjem Iof yshIjerjep.
The air-conditioning isn’t working.
Жьыгъэкъабзэм Iоф ышIэрэп.
Zh'ygjekabzjem Iof yshIjerjep.
The TV isn’t working.
Телевизорыр къутагъэ.
Televizoryr kutagje.
I don’t like that.
Ар сыгу рихьырэп.
Ar sygu rih'yrjep.
That’s too expensive.
Ар сэркIэ лъэпIаIо.
Ar sjerkIje ljepIaIo.
Do you have anything cheaper?
Нахь пыутэу зыгорэ шъуиIа?
Nah' pyutjeu zygorje shuiIa?
Is there a youth hostel nearby?
Мы Iэгъо-благъом ныбжьыкIэ псэупIэ щыIа?
My Ijego-blagom nybzh'ykIje psjeupIje shhyIa?
Is there a boarding house / a bed and breakfast nearby?
Мы Iэгъо-благъом зыгъэпсэфыпIэ щыIа?
My Ijego-blagom zygjepsjefypIje shhyIa?
Is there a restaurant nearby?
Мы Iэгъо-благъом ресторан щыIа?
My Ijego-blagom restoran shhyIa?

Positive languages, negative languages

Most people are either optimists or pessimists. But that can apply to languages too! Scientists repeatedly analyze the vocabulary of languages. In doing so they often come to astounding results. In English, for example, there are more negative than positive words. There are almost double the number of words for negative emotions. In western societies, the vocabulary influences the speakers. The people there complain quite often. They also criticize many things. Therefore, they use language with an altogether more negative tone. But negative words are interesting for another reason too. They contain more information than positive terms. The reason for this could lie in our evolution. It was always important for all living things to recognize dangers. They had to react quickly to risks. Besides that, they wanted to warn others of dangers. Therefore it was essential to be able to pass along information very quickly. As much as possible should be said with as few words as possible. Apart from that, negative language doesn't have any real advantages. That is easy for anyone to imagine. People who only speak negatively are surely not very popular. Furthermore, negative language affects our emotions. Positive language, on the other hand, can have positive effects. People that are always positive have more success in their career. So we should use our language more carefully. Because we choose which vocabulary we use. And through our language we create our reality. So: Speak positively!


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