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48 [forty-eight]

Vacation activities


48 [тIокIитIурэ ирэ]



Is the beach clean?
ТыгъэзегъэупIэр къабза?
TygjezegjeupIjer kabza?
Can one swim there?
ЗыщыбгъэпскIышъунэу щыта?
ZyshhybgjepskIyshunjeu shhyta?
Isn’t it dangerous to swim there?
ЗыщыбгъэпскIынкIэ щынагъоба?
ZyshhybgjepskIynkIje shhynagoba?
Can one rent a sun umbrella / parasol here?
Щэтыр мыщ хьафэу щыпштэн плъэкIыщтба?
Shhjetyr myshh h'afjeu shhypshtjen pljekIyshhtba?
Can one rent a deck chair here?
Шезлонг хьафэу мыщ щыпштэн плъэкIыщтба?
Shezlong h'afjeu myshh shhypshtjen pljekIyshhtba?
Can one rent a boat here?
Къуашъо мыщ хьафэу щыпштэн плъэкIыщтба?
Kuasho myshh h'afjeu shhypshtjen pljekIyshhtba?
I would like to surf.
Сэ сёрфинг сшIы сшIоигъуагъ.
Sje sjorfing sshIy sshIoiguag.
I would like to dive.
Сэ псычIэгъым сыщесы сшIоигъуагъ.
Sje psychIjegym syshhesy sshIoiguag.
I would like to water ski.
Сэ псы пцыкъохэм сатеты сшIоигъуагъ.
Sje psy pcykohjem satety sshIoiguag.
Can one rent a surfboard?
Сёрфинг пхъэмбгъу хьафэу пштэн плъэкIыщтба?
Sjorfing phjembgu h'afjeu pshtjen pljekIyshhtba?
Can one rent diving equipment?
Псы чIэгъ шъуашэхэр хьафэу пштэн плъэкIыщтба?
Psy chIjeg shuashjehjer h'afjeu pshtjen pljekIyshhtba?
Can one rent water skis?
Псы пцыкъохэр хьафэу пштэн плъэкIыщтба?
Psy pcykohjer h'afjeu pshtjen pljekIyshhtba?
I’m only a beginner.
Сэ езыгъэжьэгъакIэмэ сащыщ.
Sje ezygjezh'jegakIjemje sashhyshh.
I’m moderately good.
Сэ тIэкIу сыфэнэIуас.
Sje tIjekIu syfjenjeIuas.
I’m pretty good at it.
Сэ ащ дэгъоу сыфытегъэпсыхьагъ.
Sje ashh djegou syfytegjepsyh'ag.
Where is the ski lift?
ПцыкъорыкIо лифтыр тыдэ щыIа?
PcykorykIo liftyr tydje shhyIa?
Do you have skis?
Пцыкъохэр къызыдэпштагъэха?
Pcykohjer kyzydjepshtagjeha?
Do you have ski boots?
Пцыкъо щырыкъухэр къызыдэпштагъэха?
Pcyko shhyrykuhjer kyzydjepshtagjeha?

The language of pictures

A German saying goes: A picture says more than a thousand words. That means that pictures are often understood faster than speech. Pictures can also convey emotions better. Because of this, advertising uses a lot of pictures. Pictures function differently than speech. They show us several things simultaneously and in their totality. That means that the whole image together has a certain effect. With speech, considerably more words are needed. But images and speech go together. We need speech in order to describe a picture. By the same token, many texts are first understood through images. The relationship between images and speech is being studied by linguists. It also raises the question whether pictures are a language in their own right. If something is only filmed, we can look at the images. But the message of the film isn't concrete. If an image is meant to function as speech, it must be concrete. The less it shows, the clearer its message. Pictograms are a good example of this. Pictograms are simple and clear pictorial symbols. They replace verbal language, and as such are a form of visual communication. Everyone knows the pictogram for "no smoking" for example. It shows a cigarette with a line through it. Images are becoming even more important due to globalization. But you also have to study the language of images. It is not understandable worldwide, even though many think so. Because our culture influences our understanding of images. What we see is dependent on many different factors. So some people don't see cigarettes, but only dark lines.


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