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43 [forty-three]

At the zoo


43 [тIокIитIурэ щырэ]



The zoo is there.
Зоопаркыр модэ щыI.
Zooparkyr modje shhyI.
The giraffes are there.
Жирафхэр модэ щыIэх.
Zhirafhjer modje shhyIjeh.
Where are the bears?
Мышъэхэр тыдэ щыIэх?
Myshjehjer tydje shhyIjeh?
Where are the elephants?
Пылхэр тыдэ щыIэх?
Pylhjer tydje shhyIjeh?
Where are the snakes?
Блэхэр тыдэ щыIэх?
Bljehjer tydje shhyIjeh?
Where are the lions?
Аслъанхэр тыдэ щыIэх?
Aslanhjer tydje shhyIjeh?
I have a camera.
Сэ фотоаппарат сиI.
Sje fotoapparat siI.
I also have a video camera.
Сэ видеокамерэ сиI.
Sje videokamerje siI.
Where can I find a battery?
Батарейкэр тыдэ щыI?
Batarejkjer tydje shhyI?
Where are the penguins?
Пингвинхэр тыдэ щыIэх?
Pingvinhjer tydje shhyIjeh?
Where are the kangaroos?
Кенгурухэр тыдэ щыIэх?
Kenguruhjer tydje shhyIjeh?
Where are the rhinos?
Пэбжъакъохэр (носорогхэр) тыдэ щыIэх?
Pjebzhakohjer (nosoroghjer) tydje shhyIjeh?
Where is the toilet / restroom (am.)?
ЩагуикIыпIэр тыдэ щыI?
ShhaguikIypIjer tydje shhyI?
There is a café over there.
Кафер морары.
Kafer morary.
There is a restaurant over there.
Рестораныр морары.
Restoranyr morary.
Where are the camels?
Махъшэхэр тыдэ щыIэх?
Mahshjehjer tydje shhyIjeh?
Where are the gorillas and the zebras?
Гориллэхэмрэ зебрэхэмрэ тыдэ щыIэх?
Gorilljehjemrje zebrjehjemrje tydje shhyIjeh?
Where are the tigers and the crocodiles?
Къэплъанхэмрэ архъожъхэмрэ тыдэ щыIэх?
Kjeplanhjemrje arhozhhjemrje tydje shhyIjeh?

The Basque language

There are four recognized languages in Spain. They are Spanish, Catalonian, Galician and Basque. The Basque language is the only one without Romanesque roots. It is spoken in the Spanish-French border area. Around 800,000 people speak Basque. Basque is considered the oldest language in Europe. But the origin of this language is still unknown. Therefore, Basque remains a riddle for linguists today. Basque is also the only isolated language in Europe. That is to say, it isn't genetically related to any other language. Its geographical situation could be the reason for this. The Basque people have always lived in isolation due to the mountains and coasts. In this way, the language survived even after the invasion of the Indo-Europeans. The term Basques goes back to the Latin vascones. The Basques call themselves Euskaldunak, or speakers of Basque. That shows how much they identify with their language Euskara. Euskara has been passed down primarily orally for centuries. Therefore, there are only a few written sources. The language is still not completely standardized. Most Basques are bi- or multi-lingual. But they also maintain the Basque language. Because the Basque region is an autonomous region. That facilitates language policy processes and cultural programs. Children can choose between a Basque or a Spanish education. There are also various typically Basque types of sports. So the culture and language of the Basques appears to have a future. Incidentally, the whole world knows one Basque word. It is the last name of "El Che" – … yes, that's right, Guevara!


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