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19 [nineteen]

In the kitchen


19 [пшIыкIубгъу]



Do you have a new kitchen?
О пщэрыхьапIэ кIэу уиIа?
O pshhjeryh'apIje kIjeu uiIa?
What do you want to cook today?
Сыда непэ уупщэрыхьащтыр?
Syda nepje uupshhjeryh'ashhtyr?
Do you cook on an electric or a gas stove?
О электричества хьаумэ газа узэрыпщэрыхьэрэр?
O jelektrichestva h'aumje gaza uzjerypshhjeryh'jerjer?
Shall I cut the onions?
Бжьынхэр къэсэрэупкIата?
Bzh'ynhjer kjesjerjeupkIata?
Shall I peel the potatoes?
Картошкэхэр къэсэрэупса?
Kartoshkjehjer kjesjerjeupsa?
Shall I rinse the lettuce?
Салатыр къэсэрэлъэса?
Salatyr kjesjerjeljesa?
Where are the glasses?
Стаканхэр тыдэ щыIэха?
Stakanhjer tydje shhyIjeha?
Where are the dishes?
Шыкъухэр тыдэ щыIэха?
Shykuhjer tydje shhyIjeha?
Where is the cutlery / silverware (am.)?
Цэцэ-джэмышххэр тыдэ щыIэха?
Cjecje-dzhjemyshhhjer tydje shhyIjeha?
Do you have a tin opener / can opener (am.)?
Консервтеч уиIа?
Konservtech uiIa?
Do you have a bottle opener?
Бэшэрэбтеч уиIа?
Bjeshjerjebtech uiIa?
Do you have a corkscrew?
ШъхьэIух уиIа?
Shh'jeIuh uiIa?
Are you cooking the soup in this pot?
Лэпс къызэрэбгъажъорэр мы щыуаныр ара?
Ljeps kyzjerjebgazhorjer my shhyuanyr ara?
Are you frying the fish in this pan?
Пцэжъые зэрыбгъажъэрэр мы табэр ара?
Pcjezhye zjerybgazhjerjer my tabjer ara?
Are you grilling the vegetables on this grill?
ХэтэрыкIхэр зэрыбгъажъэхэрэр мы грилыр ара?
HjetjerykIhjer zjerybgazhjehjerjer my grilyr ara?
I am setting the table.
Iанэр къэсэшIы.
Ianjer kjesjeshIy.
Here are the knives, the forks and the spoons.
Мары шъэжъыехэр, цацэхэр ыкIи джэмышххэр.
Mary shjezhyehjer, cacjehjer ykIi dzhjemyshhhjer.
Here are the glasses, the plates and the napkins.
Мары стаканхэр, лагъэхэр ыкIи IэплъэкIхэр.
Mary stakanhjer, lagjehjer ykIi IjepljekIhjer.

Learning and styles of learning

If someone isn't making much progress in learning, they may be learning wrong. That is to say, they aren't learning in a way that works with their "style". There are four learning styles that are generally recognized. These learning styles are associated with the sensory organs. There are auditory, visual, communicative, and motoric learning styles. Auditory types learn best what they hear. For example, they can remember melodies well. When studying they read to themselves; they learn vocabulary out loud. This type often talks to himself. CDs or lectures on the topic are helpful for him. The visual type learns best what he sees. For him, it is important to read information. He takes a lot of notes when studying. He also likes to learn using pictures, tables and flash cards. This type reads a lot and dreams often and in color. They learn best in a nice environment. The communicative type prefers conversations and discussions. They need interaction, or dialog with others. They ask a lot of questions in class and learn well in groups. The motoric type learns through movement. They prefer the method "learning by doing" and want to try everything. They like to be physically active or chew gum when studying. They don't like theories, but experiments. It's important to note that almost everyone is a mix of these types. So there is no one that represents a single type. That's why we learn best when we enlist all our sensory organs. Then our brain is activated in many ways and stores new content well. Read, discuss and listen to vocabulary! And then do sports afterwards!


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