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This poster series has been selected as  Good Practice by a jury of experts at European Cultural Interactions and the European Commission!

English is the 'number one' lingua franca. And German is 'Nummer Eins' in Europe!
In the new Europe it isn't enough to learn just one language, the more languages you know, the better
Show your students how easy it is to learn English or German if you already know one of the two languages!

Our 6 posters contain 288 words that are similar in both languages.

One of our customers wrote: "The posters that you sent us are very popular. Participants ask us daily if we could give them any of these posters. And this is the first time I have seen people stand in front of a German poster for so long and look at it carefully. Our compliments on your work!" (Martin Bode, Goethe-Institut Hong Kong)

You can download and print out the first 3 posters in letter format here: Download

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