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53 [fifty-three]



53 [шъэныкъорэ щырэ]



We’re looking for a sports shop.
Спорт тучан тылъэхъу.
Sport tuchan tyljehu.
We’re looking for a butcher shop.
Лыщэ тучан тылъэхъу.
Lyshhje tuchan tyljehu.
We’re looking for a pharmacy / drugstore (am.).
Уц Iэзэгъу щапIэм тылъэхъу.
Uc Ijezjegu shhapIjem tyljehu.
We want to buy a football.
Футбол хьашъотоп тщэфы тшIоигъуагъ.
Futbol h'ashotop tshhjefy tshIoiguag.
We want to buy salami.
Нэкулъэу салями тщэфы тшIоигъуагъ.
Njekuljeu saljami tshhjefy tshIoiguag.
We want to buy medicine.
Уц Iэзэгъухэр тщэфы тшIоигъуагъ.
Uc Ijezjeguhjer tshhjefy tshIoiguag.
We’re looking for a sports shop to buy a football.
Спорт тучан тылъэхъу, футбол хьашъотоп тщэфынэу.
Sport tuchan tyljehu, futbol h'ashotop tshhjefynjeu.
We’re looking for a butcher shop to buy salami.
Лыщэ тучан тылъэхъу, нэкулъэу салями тщэфынэу.
Lyshhje tuchan tyljehu, njekuljeu saljami tshhjefynjeu.
We’re looking for a drugstore to buy medicine.
Уц Iэзэгъу щапIэ тылъэхъу, уц Iэзэгъухэр тщэфынэу.
Uc Ijezjegu shhapIje tyljehu, uc Ijezjeguhjer tshhjefynjeu.
I’m looking for a jeweller / jeweler (am.).
Сэ дышъэкI сылъэхъу.
Sje dyshjekI syljehu.
I’m looking for a photo equipment store.
Фототучаным сылъэхъу.
Fototuchanym syljehu.
I’m looking for a confectionery.
IашIу-IушIухэр зыщащэрэм сылъэхъу.
IashIu-IushIuhjer zyshhashhjerjem syljehu.
I actually plan to buy a ring.
Iалъын сщэфын сыгу хэлъ.
Ialyn sshhjefyn sygu hjel.
I actually plan to buy a roll of film.
Фотоплёнкэ сщэфын сыгу хэлъ.
Fotopljonkje sshhjefyn sygu hjel.
I actually plan to buy a cake.
Торт сщэфын сыгу хэлъ.
Tort sshhjefyn sygu hjel.
I’m looking for a jeweler to buy a ring.
ДышъэкI сылъэхъу, Iалъын сщэфыным пае.
DyshjekI syljehu, Ialyn sshhjefynym pae.
I’m looking for a photo shop to buy a roll of film.
Фототучаным сылъэхъу, фотоплёнкэ сщэфыным пае.
Fototuchanym syljehu, fotopljonkje sshhjefynym pae.
I’m looking for a confectionery to buy a cake.
IашIу-IушIухэр зыщащэрэм сылъэхъу, торт сщэфыным пае.
IashIu-IushIuhjer zyshhashhjerjem syljehu, tort sshhjefynym pae.

Changing language = Changing personality

Our language belongs to us. It's an important part of our personality. But many people speak multiple languages. Does that mean they have multiple personalities? Researchers believe: yes! When we change languages, we also change our personality. That is to say, we behave differently. American scientists have come to this conclusion. They studied the behavior of bi-lingual women. These women grew up with English and Spanish. They were equally familiar with both languages and cultures. Despite this, their behavior was dependent on the language. When they spoke Spanish the women were more confident. They were also comfortable when people around them were speaking Spanish. Then, when they spoke English, their behavior changed. They were less confident and often unsure of themselves. The researchers noticed that the women also appeared more solitary. So the language we speak influences our behavior. Researchers don't yet know why this is. Perhaps we are guided by cultural norms. When speaking, we think about the culture from which the language comes. This is done automatically. Therefore, we try to adapt to the culture. We behave in a way that is customary for that culture. Chinese speakers were very reserved in experiments. Then when they spoke English, they were more open. Perhaps we change our behavior in order to integrate better. We want to be like those, with whom we're speaking…


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