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37 [thirty-seven]

En route


37 [щэкIырэ блырэ]



He drives a motorbike.
Ар (хъулъфыгъ) мотоциклкIэ мэзекIо.
Ar (hulfyg) motociklkIje mjezekIo.
He rides a bicycle.
Ар (хъулъфыгъ) кушъхьэфачъэкIэ мэзекIо.
Ar (hulfyg) kushh'jefachjekIje mjezekIo.
He walks.
Ар (хъулъфыгъ) лъэсэу макIо.
Ar (hulfyg) ljesjeu makIo.
He goes by ship.
Ар (хъулъфыгъ) къухьэкIэ макIо.
Ar (hulfyg) kuh'jekIje makIo.
He goes by boat.
Ар (хъулъфыгъ) къуашъокIэ макIо.
Ar (hulfyg) kuashokIje makIo.
He swims.
Ар (хъулъфыгъ) есы.
Ar (hulfyg) esy.
Is it dangerous here?
Мыщ щыщынагъуа?
Myshh shhyshhynagua?
Is it dangerous to hitchhike alone?
Уизакъоу гъогогъу улъыхъузэ узекIоныр щынагъуа?
Uizakou gogogu ulyhuzje uzekIonyr shhynagua?
Is it dangerous to go for a walk at night?
Чэщым утезекIухьаныр щынагъуа?
Chjeshhym utezekIuh'anyr shhynagua?
We got lost.
Тэ тыгъощагъ.
Tje tygoshhag.
We’re on the wrong road.
Тэ гъогу пхэндж тызытехьагъэр.
Tje gogu phjendzh tyzyteh'agjer.
We must turn around.
Къэдгъэзэжьын фае.
Kjedgjezjezh'yn fae.
Where can one park here?
Тыдэ укъыщыуцумэ хъущта?
Tydje ukyshhyucumje hushhta?
Is there a parking lot here?
Машинэ уцупIэ мыщ щыIа?
Mashinje ucupIje myshh shhyIa?
How long can one park here?
Сыд фэдизрэ мыщ ущытын уфит?
Syd fjedizrje myshh ushhytyn ufit?
Do you ski?
Пцыкъомэ уатетышъуа?
Pcykomje uatetyshua?
Do you take the ski lift to the top?
УдэкIоен хъумэ пцыкъорыкIо лифтым уетIысхьа?
UdjekIoen humje pcykorykIo liftym uetIysh'a?
Can one rent skis here?
Мыщ пцыкъохэр бэджэндэу пштэнхэ плъэкIыщта?
Myshh pcykohjer bjedzhjendjeu pshtjenhje pljekIyshhta?

Talking to yourself

When someone is talking to himself, it's odd to listeners. And yet almost everyone talks to themselves on a regular basis. Psychologists estimate that more than 95 percent of adults do it. Children almost always talk to themselves when playing. So it is completely normal to have conversations with yourself. This is just a special form of communication. And there are many advantages in talking to yourself every now and then! This is because we organize our thoughts through speech. Our inner voice emerges when we talk to ourselves. You might also say it's thinking out loud. Scatterbrained people in particular talk quite often to themselves. In their case, a certain area of the brain is less active. Therefore, they are less organized. With self-talks they are helping themselves be more methodical. Self-talks can also help us make decisions. And they are a very good way to relieve stress. Self-talks promote concentration and make you more productive. Because saying something aloud takes longer than just thinking about it. We are more aware of our thoughts when speaking. We tackle difficult tests better when we talk to ourselves in the process. Various experiments have shown this. We can also give ourselves courage through self-talks. Many athletes hold self-talks to motivate themselves. Unfortunately, we typically talk to ourselves in negative situations. Therefore, we should always try to be positive. And we often have to review what we wish for. In this way we can positively influence our actions through speaking. But unfortunately, that only works when we stay realistic!


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