After installing the app scroll down to select your native language. Select the chapter you want to learn. Beginners should select 001-010. Now select the lesson title. You will see the Main Menu.

Word List:
This is an overview of the content. Each lesson has 20 items. Press the sound button to hear the language. Press Back to go back to the Main Menu.

Flash Card:
Your native language appears on top. Press the text button to see the translation to the target language. Press the sound button to listen to the language.
You can scroll the screen left or right or you can use the blue arrows. Press the star button to copy an important item to the Study Plan. If you press the star button again the item will be removed from the Study Plan. Press 'Back' to go back to the Main Menu.

Take Test:
Press the 'text' or 'sound' button to see or hear the target language. Then select the correct meaning in your native language. The next question will appear after 2 seconds. There are 10 items in each test. After taking the test you will be asked to enter your name. Your personal score will then be available in the tab 'Your score'.

Tab Study Plan:
Use the Study Plan to collect all the important vocabulary that you want to repeat later.